Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

Oh Happy Day

1. Finally Vacuumed Disgusting Dust Bunnies and Sand from Kids' Room. Now I am A Good Mother Again.

2. Laundry's Done. I have lots of socks.

3. I listened to an excellent interview with Afrika Bambaataa on Beat Sauce. How old school am I? I still want to call it "Hip Hop Slam with Billy Jam."

4. Swaz found my ADIDAS LONDONS. They've been missing since a Labor Day Weekend picnic I went to. Everytime I've seen or heard from my friends for the past six months, it's been like "Did I leave my shoes at your house?" "Nooooo Jette, like I told you last time, you did not." They were hidden inside a bag of sand toys. I am so so so happy. My feet lurve these shoes.

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