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::yawn:: Good Night!

I wonder what my boss would say if I asked to work graveyard shift. It fits into my internal body clock as well as any nine-to-five schedule.

It's sad, but this is only my second night of this (I'm working this weekend on a deadline, and have been gravitating towards a late night schedule) and despite the sleep deprivation and wearing off of the painkiller I took for a migraine, I feel like I could get used to this. I am more comfortable being here in the office now than during a regular workday. My co-workers are great, but I love being here when no one else is. It's like having my own room.

The poll below supposes that your job is not your avocation. If you are one of those people for whom your work is the best kind of play, then check the "I've found a way to not work" option in question number three.

Poll #138555 Circadian Clock

What Would Be the Optimum Work Schedule for You? (Based on a 40 hour week.)

Working 9 to 5 (sings like Sheena Easton)
Swing Shift
Split Shift (2+ hour lunch, stay later)

And When Do You want your weekends?

Saturday and Sunday, with everyone else.
Mid Week, less crowds, can do errands because things are open.

How do you feel about the 40 hour work week. (Meaning paid work, as opposed to parenting or studies.)

Forty Hours about right.
Thirty Hours would be much better! I'd make do with less pay
I have found a way to work very part time or not at all- I spend my time on my art, family, studies, or other avocation
My career demands more hours.
I'd be willing work sixty or more hours a week if it meant I could have several long vacations a year.
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