Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

Here's Another Twenty

Random comments to people I've dropped from my friends list through the years...

1. Your writing style drove me nuts. SO dramatic *all* the time. Still, you were one of my first friends on here and I thought we clicked even though we'd not really commented in each other's journals for the past six months or so. So I was kind of surprised, but not really, when you didn't add me to your new journal after dropping all your friends from your old one.

2. You dropped me when I deleted my journal during a fit of LJ angst. It's all good, though - we were never close and had nothing in common.

3. See number 2.

4. See number 2 - only I was a little annoyed, because you made a point of adding me with a nice hello note and everything but you never commented and never replied to my comments, which kind of made me feel like a stalker or something after the fourth or fifth time.

5. I was lashing out at you because I was jealous of you - but I am sure you knew that.

6. Sort of similar to number 4 - I was hoping you'd like me back but you already had enough friends. You did notice I added you though, since you chose a really personal, friends-only entry about my mom's death to ask me if I had an extra ticket for something. I found that sort of loutish.

6.5 See 4 and 6 - funnily enough, you all know each other. You specifically asked me in real life to add you, but never added me back. It's all gravy - I think maybe you were going through something at the time. Truthfully, all of you actually seem like neat girls. No worries.

7. We share a birthday, but we never really gelled as LJ friends. You don't spend a lot of time here anymore though so no worries on either side.

8. Insecure people can hurt you like no one else since they refuse to believe the effect they have on others. I guess for us that went both ways.

9. We just never clicked, so I dropped. PS. That whole cowpunk retro thing makes me cringe. It was dumb in the eighties and it's even dumber now.

10. I forgot all about you and only remembered when I checked my marnanel to so I could recall people's names for this entry. Did I ever add you in the first place? Maybe not.

11. I actually really like you, but you were just sooooo convinced of your own specialness and uniqueness that it drove me nuts. Considering you were a teenager at the time, I had to laugh because you were so typical to me. I just felt too old to read you. I still peep your journal occasionally.

12. We just never clicked, so I dropped you back when I was into keeping my friends list spare. You seem like a nice guy, though.

13. I wrote a long public entry about you and why we're not friends anymore. I haven't really thought much about you since.

14. You were pretty cocky for some slacker dude that lived with his mom. I reached out to you, but felt a bit underappreciated, so I dropped you.

15. I added you because my friend requested that his friends add you when you joined up. However, you ended up never writing, so I dropped you after awhile.

16. You seem really self absorbed. By the way, when they call you that, they are laughing at you, not with you.

17. You didn't like that I added you without saying hello. You were all jerky about it, so I dropped you. I would have dropped you anyway because you are boring.

18. I didn't feel that close to you but you were posting a lot of really personal too-much-information stuff in your friends-only postings that I didn't feel comfortable having access to unless I was going to read you more closely. I would have felt different if they were public postings, but they weren't, so I dropped you.

19. See above, I felt bad that you deleted your LJ the day after I let you know that, saying you felt "unsafe" here. I always wondered if it was because of me. You had a really popular journal, so that was weird.

20. Anyone I missed - for whatever reason I didn't follow your journal that closely, so I eventually dropped you during a friends list clean up. It had absolutely no bearing on the quality of your journal or how I felt about you as a human being! I hope you are doing well and continue to write.

21. If I never added you back, see number 20. I am not doing so many friends only postings anymore so you are truly not missing anything but whinging and cutesy stories about what my kids say - so consider yourself lucky. :-)
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