Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

Me being Candid.

01) Let's say you're just eating a portobello sandwich with a side order of sweet potato fries, whether you like it or not. What album would you like to be listening to while chowing down on this?

That sounds really good! YUM. Uhm, I never listen to albums anymore. I listen to streaming audio mostly or CDRs. I guess I'd like to hear some 4hero when eating that.

02) You wake up an notice your feet and hands have switched places. What would you do?

Put on shoes and gloves and hope no one notices.

03) What would you draw using both hands on a sheet of 50"x50" high-quality rice paper? You are armed with fat-tipped black markers.

Uhm, the same sorts of swirly, waterfallish doodles I always make. I don't have a scanner or I would show you. Mostly interlinked half-circles. That would be really fun. Sometimes they are angular instead. I'd have the half squares on one side and the half circles on the other.

04) Can you recite the English alphabet backwards in less than a minute? Why?

Actually yes, that's something I used to do in my head while I was an artist model and I would get bored sometimes. Or still do if I am at a particularly dull social engagement - must have done it fifty times when I saw Underworld last year.

05) Would you shave off all of your body hair in order to save an endangered animal's life?

I'd do it anyway.

06) Which do you prefer: cutting vegetables with a knife or with teeth?

TEETH. That is, if no one is looking.

07) Would you survive a week's worth of Chinese water torture without using the sound as a metronome for the songs in your head?

Hell no, not even a day. Not even an hour.

08) What's green?

True agape, as in "they will bind you with love that is graceful and green as a stem."

09) Do you categorize your friends? If so, how?

Doesn't everyone? In order of close to not that close: Family, Close, Good, Friendly, Acquaintance. Anyone (real life, not online) who expresses a real interest in getting to know me starts at "Good" and works back or forth from there. The increments can switch in a heartbeat. Online people get both a little more scrutiny and a little more benefit of the doubt, but don't get past Friendly for the most part until we meet. With some online people I get along so well I can't help it and they end up Close in my emotions even if they are Acquaintances in practice. That's an easy way to get hurt, but I feel like it would be worse to miss the opportunity. Life is much too short to not have as many people as possible to share it with.

10) Do you kiss with your eyes opened or closed?

Closed! I hate it when I am kissing and happen to open my eyes and there's a big pair of eyes staring back at me. Just ew. Way too disconcerting.
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