Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

Independence Day

I didn't manage to do anything special for the fourth - usually we go to the mime troup but I forgot all about it because last year we had to pack for Mather and this year Swaz had to work. Later though we did go to our little spot and watch the fireworks. I didn't know until last night that our household contains at least one pair of binox for all five of us. I suggested we go birding sometime and all the kids (even the teenager) cheered. Go ME! I raised a family of nerds and I like it.

J Boogie and Dub Sonic Science, who I went to go check out last night because they keep playing it on KUSF and it's good, was really frustrating. It was all so good, except for (as usual) the emcee. Five foot long dreads do not an mc make. Dude repeated "she likes to party, she parties hearty" for at least an hour straight (until I finally had to leave). I wanted to smack him.

On the other hand, JBoogie played "These are the Breaks" and that was crowd-pleasingly nice. Hadn't felt that big group bounce in far too long.

I moved to the US as a small child so sometimes I don't really feel the Fourth - I was always aware of being "foreign" when I was growing up. This morning Swaz and I were talking about the Crass and the English class system. (Or why "Do they owe us a living? Of course they fucking do!" makes sense there in a way it doesn't make in the US.) Of course we have a class system here, but here we do have options. Unlike High Fidelty, if we become lovestruck during finals, we can try again. Yes, I know we do have a permanent underclass in this country. I also know former crackheads who ended up going to prestigious universities or became upper management in large corporations. Being reminded of that made me proud of one of my countries in a way that no amount of flag waving and milataristic cheerleading could ever do.
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