Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

series of second hand stories pt. 3 "Wassup?"

A friend of a friend of mine ("F-o-F") is a refugee from a war-torn eastern European country, she is now living here in the Bay Area.

She's really broke one day, she has one check for $35 and zero cash, so as she's riding the bus, she decides to stop at a check cashing place about a half a block from bus stop. On her way back down to the bus stop, with her 32 dollars and 50 cents, she notices a girl following behind her rather closely. She turns and the girl gives her the nod, and says "what's up?". The F-o-F thinks it's weird that a stranger would say "what's up?" and can't remember if she's seen the girl before, so she says hey back and continues walking. The girl now gets in close to F-o-F, points a gun at her and says "Gimme your money, Bitch!"

F-o-F is damned if she's going to part with her last $32.50, so she pulls the girl in closer, drags her over to a pay phone, picks up the receiver, and proceeds to bang on the girls arm until she drops the gun. Girl runs.

The people watching from the bus stop cheer and go grab a cop who happens to be close by. They catch the girl. The police ask F-o-F to go down to the station to fill out a report, explaining that she may come into contact with the girl while there, they are worried this might stress F-o-F out. F-o-F says she's fine with it.

So F-o-F is at the station, and the girl is escorted by her in handcuffs.

F-o-F: "What's up now, Bitch?"

The excitement of it all then catches up to F-o-F, and she falls on the floor in a faint.


more stories later, there's stories everywhere
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