Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

Series of Second Hand Stories pt. 4 "Name Dropping"

Swaz's aunt was at a Lakers game some years ago, and after the game, she went to the ladies room, getting separated from her friends. So she goes down to the floor to try to find her friend Jim.

There are throngs of people milling around, she keeps thinking that she sees her friend, but every time she's about to catch up, she loses him. This goes on for a long while, she finally finds him again when he is in reach. His back is turned, so she taps him on the shoulder. Since she's a bit exasperated by this point, the tap is not gentle.

James Garner (icily): "Can I help you?"

Aunt Mimi (embarrassed): "Oh! You're not Jim!"

James Garner: "The hell I'm not!"
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