Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

Unexpected Windfall

Today we got a tax refund check in the amount of $400 for each of the three children. I always hate these tax rebates. It seems like a really inappropriate use of funds to me that in the midst of a budget deficit and cut-backs in education, health, and social services. Essentially it's a reverse Robin Hood. They are giving money back to families for whom, while it is definitely very nice to have, aren't going to have their lives totally changed by getting the check, but, because you had to make a certain amount to get it, they are not giving any checks to the working poor whose lives may very well be changed - for the worse - by spending cuts.

More on this issue here.

Of course, like everyone else, I feel like we pay too much in taxes in the first place and families can always use more cash, so I really don't feel that guilty, but the political motivations behind this thing squick me.

Poll #161278 Filthy Lucre

What should we do with our "Tax Relief for America's Families" check?

Wipe your asses with it and send it back to Dubya.
Donate it to war relief efforts in Iraq.
Cash it and spend it on the children's school clothes and supplies.
Drinks for your entire friends list are on you!
Donate it to a child-free support group, since they didn't get any, and that's not fair.
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