Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

Nude Teen Summer Camps? Where?

So I've been peeking at, and I can't find the "intellectual" part. It seems like every essay I read uses only emotional, not rational, arguments. They also say that they are "conservative and libertarian" but a lot of the essays are calling for the "banning" of something or other.

Especially worthy of banning are "teen nudist summer camps." Note that the argument is not, "parents shouldn't send their kids to nude summer camps" but that "there oughta be a law." Oh, that's a libertarian thought.

And why should nude teenage summer camps be banned? Because "Inability to feel desire when looking at nude people, as teenagers at nude camps are being conditioned, is an emotional deformity."

Uhm.... back in your burquas, kids! Junior might not be able to get a hard-on otherwise! Seriously, though, I think Junior could figure it out, no matter how many nakey girls he saw.

Seems like nude summer camps would be a whole lot healthier than mall culture with their thongs for ten years olds that I think really do desensitize eroticism, but that's just me.
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