Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

second hand story pt. 1 redux "Rhymes with Sergio Valente"

swaz had to correct me on this one - here's his version of events (hey, I wasn't there, that's why it's a second hand story!)

Swaz sez:

The amazing thing about Italians is how much they can connote with intonation. Much of this is lost in transcription into text.

Pietro was an Italian teenager who lived on the top floor of the squat. His brother Luc and his brother's friend Luca were visiting from Italy. We had replaced the floor of the burnt out section of the fifth floor which created a large open room. The roof was fucked up and there were a bunch of white 5 gallon buckets around to catch the rain. Luc was skateboarding around the big room and accidentally bumps into one of the buckets and the water splashes in Luca's face. He starts freaking out so Pietro tries to calm him down.

Pietro (soothingly): Acqua
(translation: relax it's only water)

Luca (disgusted): Piscio
(translation: I am not going to relax, there is urine in that bucket and now it is on my face. I'm not going to relax until I've showered and changed clothes)

Pietro (Almost Maternal): Acqua
(translation:Trust me it's just water)

Luca (no less disgusted): Piscio Fermenti!
( translation: Not only is there urine in that bucket, but it has been there for so long that is has fermented into a particularly vile and disgusting fluid.)

Silence for a long while.
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