Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

Damn, I forgot all about cotillions. Not that I'd have ever hung out with those people.

I've been watching The OC with some interest, since I went to junior high and high school in a beach town in Orange County.

The major thing they get wrong is that NO one in a beach city says they are from Orange County. It's always "Newport" or "Laguna" or "Dana Point" or whatever - people who say they are from "Orange County" are always from some whitetrash hellhole like Orange or Anaheim (not to be confused with Anaheim Hills). The second major thing is where the hell are all the Asian people?! Sheesh. Third, Newport doesn't look anything like that, it doesn't have bluffs over the ocean - those houses look more Corona Del Mar or Monarch Bay-ish. Fourth, not everyone white is a debutante, not even in Newport. It's not like real Society, just the dorky Orange County version.* (Or at least that is how it seemed 25 years ago, I have no idea about now. Or actually, even how it was then, since we didn't have any money.) Fifth... I don't know about Newport, and I don't know about 2003, but the BEACH is (well, was) waaaaaaaaaay more of a big deal. The beach is/was everything. These kids may as well be quebas.*

Edit: I totally forgot to mention that in Orange County women my age (the age of all the milfish moms on this show) would never have had children that young, espcially the Kristen character. White, educated, career women from my era (as well as today, I think, but it's not so rigid now) were NOT supposed to have kids until at least thirty. It was just not done. I was being so incredibly sassy by having kids at the tender age of 24. (Which sounds perfectly normal in all other eras.) All the moms I knew when my number one son was a baby, unless they were some kind of teen moms, were at least five if not twenty years older than me.

Is it me, or do the Marissa character and the Kristen character look about the same age? I have trouble telling whose supposed to be who. I think Ryan and Kristen are a hotter couple than Ryan and Marissa any day.

*Only two or three girls from my school did it. It's like everyone knew someone who had a debut, but they were talked about in this reverse snob way by people who insisted they would never want to do it themselves and besides everyone knew you could just pay a certain amount of money to do it so there was no honor or social status really involved. Which may or may not have been true but I got the impression it was. Even the girls who did it pretended to be embarrassed that their parents were such social climbers.

**Queba=VERY local slang for someone who lives east of the I-5.
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