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But WHERE to Go!

The C.R. and I both live in San Francisco. Last night we were talking about where-to-go, after my regular I-have-no-friends-my-own-age-because-they-all-moved-away rant. I get really lonely here sometimes. I love my neighborhood, I love it a lot, but you have to literally be a millionaire to buy here because the houses all literally cost a million dollars. I'm not talking about the chichi parts of my district like North of Lake or Seacliff or Presidio Heights. I mean the houses that are right next to the rental flats that people like me can afford cost a million dollars.

So where to go? I obviously can continue raise a family of five in a two bedroom rental flat, but for how long? The C.R. says when it is time for her to buy she'll try to move to another part of the country, where for less than you can get a one bedroom condo here, you can get a REAL house on a nice chunk of land. She's never really lived in another part of the country. I have. None of it sounds appealing to me. (Sorry, it just doesn't.) The only place that sounds all right is Australia or New Zealand, but it's way too hard to emigrate if you are out of your twenties. Canada maybe? I don't know.

I did that "top spots find your spot" quiz:

1. Portland, Oregon

Uhm, any Oregonites on my friendslist, I apologize in advance, but when I think of Oregon I think of runaway kids, meth labs and heroin habits.

2. Albuquerque, New Mexico

I have a friend that lives there. You have to ration water so strictly that no one is allowed a garden. It also sounds hot. I would get all melty and sad.

3. Little Rock, Arkansa

The blurb on the site says "All Maybelline products distributed in the U.S. are made in this fashion-conscious spot…" uhm, yeah, New York, Paris, Milan, Little Rock(?)

I'd have to check it out, but I can't stand the idea of being land locked. I have a weird fixation with living near the ocean. Gotta have my fog.

4. Baltimore, Maryland

I actually like Baltimore a lot. It's uhm, kind of a hell hole, though. If I didn't have children I might move there.

5. San Francisco, California

Yes, it's a great place. Everyone thinks so. Everyone thinks so to the tune of a million dollars for a three bedroom house in a moderate income neighborhood. Also, the people can be just a little too smug about "the best place on earth" crap. The natives are not like that, but some of us immigrants are.

6. Sacramento, California

If it was next to the ocean I'd be there is a heartbeat. It's a state capital and I like politics. The people I have met who are from there are all super swell, nice people with good values. But it's just...too.. *HOT*

7. San Jose, California

"This city is home to Lou's Living Donut Museum, a combination donut shop and museum with tours and a secret recipe..."

I did not know that! Perhaps one of my San Ho friends can take me to the living donut museum one day! Awesome.

I am NOT moving to San Jose.

8. Honolulu, Hawaii

Uhm, yeah, I am finding San Francisco too spendy so I will just move to Honolulu. WTF?

But, yeah, okay! I'd consider it. :-) I'd get skin cancer for sure, but I would consider it.

9. Washington, District of Columbia

Aww jeah. I love D.C. I really do. The tap water squicks the hell out of me, but I do like it there. It is our nations capital!

10. Eugene, Oregon
11. Corvallis, Oregon

This site really wants to move me to Oregon. They don't actually like Californians there, you know?

12. Providence, Rhode Island

Like on that show? It looks nice. The east coast seems a little mosquito-y though.

13. Hartford, Connecticut

In Hartford, Harrisford, and Hampshire, Hurricanes Hardly Ever Happen.

I have heard it's gross there.

14. New Haven, Connecticut

Whoo. My kids can grow up to be townies. It does look kind of pretty.

15. Boston, Massachusetts

I don't know why it's all the way down at fifteen. It sounds pretty cool.

16. Las Vegas, Nevada


17. Salem, Oregon
18. Medford, Oregon

Gah, This site is obsessed with Oregon.

19. Oakland, California

The CULT of Oakland. People go there and never come back. Sorry, East Bay Acolytes, it is just too damned bleak for me. Like I said, I gotta have my fog.

20. New Orleans, Louisiana

I had a friend who lived there for a while. She was a bartender there, and on her first day on the job, her boss showed her where the gun was hidden under the counter, but to be careful, because it was "slightly broken and went off easily." This about sums up my impression of the Crescent City.

21. San Diego, California

I went to college there. That town is full of mutants.

22. Bend, Oregon

Oregon! I am telling you, it is all pendletons and slackers. Why would I want to raise kids there?

23. Fayetteville, Arkansas

Uhm, I am not moving to Arkansas.

24. Seattle, Washington

Well, hey, a lot of you live there, you Live Journalers you.

Would I like it?

The C.R. brought Vietnamese food and I rented a video for the kids to watch. We hadn't all gotten together for supper in a little while. It was nice, it was just like I wanted things to be when I was younger and thinking about what having kids would be like. I guess one friend in the neighborhood is plenty. *smooches*

edit: I changed my answers slightly, I said I didn't care how cold it got and whether or not there was a queer community.

  1. Albequerque, New Mexico
  2. Portland, Oregon
  3. Hartford, Connecticut
  4. Honolulu, Hawaii
  5. Seattle, Washington
  6. Providence, Rhode Island
  7. Boston, Massachusetts
  8. San Francisco, California
  9. San Jose, California
  10. Baltimore, Maryland
  11. Sacramento, California
  12. Carlisle, Pennsylvania
  13. Eugene, Oregon
  14. Corvallis, Oregon
  15. Danbury, Connecticut
  16. Cincinnati, Ohio
  17. Washington, District of Columbia
  18. Denver, Colorado
  19. Salt Lake City, Utah
  20. Missoula, Montana
  21. Medford, Oregon
  22. Carson City, Nevada
  23. Little Rock, Arkansas

I still don't know where to go. I think I'll stay put for a while.
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