Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

Tap: ::cries::
JetteSwan: waaah
Tap: They're mean boys who were just being mean!
JetteSwan: i have been reading harry potter to the boys
JetteSwan: and
JetteSwan: tonight in the book
JetteSwan: harry won the quidditch cup
JetteSwan: that was all the sports love i got
JetteSwan: i was glad for it
JetteSwan: at least I had *something*
JetteSwan: :-(
Tap: :-(
JetteSwan: *sigh*
Tap: Of course he's gonna win
Tap: He's the hero
Tao: It'd be kinda shitty if he lost
JetteSwan: well, he doesn't win in all of them
Tap: Harry Potter and the Failure to Commit to Excellence
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