Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

Good Morning!

My morning was going really smooth for a Monday. I had time to walk in, I bought flowers, I ate breakfast, I am on track for my site visit tomorrow.

But it's Monday.

That means something has to go terribly wrong. Otherwise the rest of the week will suffer. Monday must make the sacrifice so the rest of the week will be good.

So yes, I walked in, the sun is shining, I have my flowers and my tasks all ready to go.

But something has to go wrong.

So it did.

There is an indentifiable, loud, high pitched squeal floating through the suite sounding like a tea kettle on steroids.

Kill me now.

Update: Now that the facilities manager has been called, it has stopped. It will stay stopped until he comes to our office start up again 15 minutes after he leaves.
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