Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

My co-worker, Sara: Did I tell you about the funeral I went to Friday?

Jette: The young girl who died of a congenital heart condition? So sad.

Sara: Yes it was. She was only 23. She had an 8 year old daughter. It is very sad.

Sara: (Looks agitated.)

Sara: (whispers) It was the worst funeral I ever went to.

It was a Star Wars funeral. Everyone was wearing Star Wars costumes.

And everyone was in character.

And there was a ...

(Jette puts her head on the desk and covers herself with her arms)

Sara: Are you listening?!

Sara: There was a life sized YODA next to the coffin.

Jette: No.

Sara: And there was, you know, a REAL dead girl.

Sara: Star Wars is NOT real.

Sara: But this girl was really dead.

Sara: (shudders)
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