Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

JetteSwan: I was just asking Leslie about you the other day.
JetteSwan: Like, whatever happened to that guy?
JetteSwan: I sure do miss him.
Nk: Ha ha. What did she say?
JetteSwan: She said you left LJ
JetteSwan: because of evildoers
Nk: I was at her birthday party.
JetteSwan: and shenanigans
JetteSwan: hahaha
JetteSwan: i haven't talked to her much this week
Nk: It was a little more complicated than that.
JetteSwan: the party looked fun
Nk: Not "drama" complicated...
Nk: It was.
JetteSwan: well she didn't put it in so many words
Nk: I got loaded.
Nk: Slept till noon the next day.
Nk: Blah-de-blah
JetteSwan: sounds perfect
Nk: What happened with LJ though? I got sick of it. Not the people but what it brought out in me.
Nk: Oy vey.
Nk: I think the blog shit or whatever, it's like being the worst psychic and having the worst TV all rolled into one.
JetteSwan: hahahah
JetteSwan: being the worst psychic?
Nk: You read people's words and you THINK you're reading their minds.
JetteSwan: i can't bring myself to care very much sometimes
Nk: Here is an example:
Nk: It didn't happen to me, but it happened to someone I know.
Nk: This person wrote a filtered post where they went off on someone who was on their firends list.
Nk: I was NOT on the filtered list but the person told me about it anyway.
Nk: In any event, one of the people who WAS on the filtered list agreed with the person who posted the entry that the person they were going off on WAS crazy.
Nk: No, it wasn't. The person who wrote the thing told me about it.
Nk: And who it was about.
Nk: So the person wrote this filtered post that someone one their list agreed with, okay?
JetteSwan: ...
Nk: THEN, in the person who was being talked ABOUT'S journal, the AGREE-ER person (not the filtered post poster) is cozying up to the person she was JUST talking about.
Nk: On the one hand, this is "two-faced," but here is how it's like being the worst psychic.
Nk: Lets' say I wrote a post (filtered) saying that Leslie's an asshole and a psycho and you were on my filtered list and you said to me, on that "yeah, Leslie IS an asshole."
Nk: Then, I go over to Leslie's journal and see you being all nice to her.

Nk: Then I think, wait, she TOLD me she thought --.
Nk: -- Leslie was a psycho but she isn't ACTING like she thinks she's a psycho.
Nk: So what gives?!?!
Nk: Hence... worst psychic.
Nk: Yeah. I just had to get off because I found myself making assumptions about people, and that makes an ASS, etc.
Nk: So anyway... worst psychic.
Nk: here’s the TV thing.
Nk: Imagine if you hurt the TV's feelings everytime you changed the channel or turned it off.
JetteSwan: that is the world's worst television!
Nk: Can you imagine explaining to the X-Files that it's getting boring already?
Nk: And then having to listen to the X-Files makes excuses and apologies... and THEN feel guilty about it?
JetteSwan: and you know i would quote you in my journal
JetteSwan: because that is hella funny
JetteSwan: except
JetteSwan: someone would invariably say
JetteSwan: Wait
JetteSwan: am I the X-files?!
JetteSwan: waaah!
Nk: Say that I said it.
Nk: Quote me.
JetteSwan: hahha
JetteSwan: OK!
Nk: Nobody's the X-Files.
Nk: It's just a hypothetical.
JetteSwan: i know
JetteSwan: hahha
JetteSwan: i meant there are definietely people on my list
JetteSwan: who think they are the x files
JetteSwan: if i say that
JetteSwan: hahah
Nk: See? Put this whole conversation down.
JetteSwan: hahah
JetteSwan: okay
Nk: They think they are the X-Files?
Nk: Why?
JetteSwan: yeah that would assume theywere the x files
JetteSwan: or would ask if i meant them
JetteSwan: or whatever
JetteSwan: EXACTLY!!!!
Nk: That's my point.
Nk: Whichj is why I had to get the fuck up out of there.
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