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Our Horrible Children

I like Our Horrible Children.

It is a weblog (or section of a weblog) I found while looking for the validity of the "sex bracelet" fad. (Yeah, I know we're over it but after a whole morning and early afternoon of high pitched humming from the broken Johnson valve, I really couldn't try to work anymore.)

You know I accidently did a google search for "sex braclet" and did find lj entries talking about it. (*weep*) It seems in reality to be exactly what you would expect. It's a real thing and it's not. Kids really wear them and call them that and attribute the colors and everything, but they don't actually put out for just anyone who snaps them off. (Well maybe some of the dumber girls, but you know.) Only idiotic high school principals and overprotective mothers think that's how it goes. More like if I like you maybe I will give you my yellow bracelet. But of course kids are now having their evil jelly bracelets taken away.

Link from the blog: amazingly sucky.

Update: I am suddenly reminded of the annoying blonde dreadlock sporting wanna-be metrosexual scenester club kid in college who used to wear those black jelly bracelets all the time. One of those guys who would have been a lot less insufferable if he only actually admitted he was gay. I wonder if he's gotten his bracelet snapped since, so to speak.

Update No. 2: The more I think about it, the more all I really want for my children's education is simply for it to be a non-horrifying experience. Just let them come out not too badly scarred. Sigh.
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