Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

An ethical debate in cooking, a poster gloats at being undercharged at the supermarket.

Poll #210390 What would you have done?

First, read the post referred to in this entry. What would you have done?

Gone with being undercharged, felt slightly guilty.
Gone with being undercharged, felt no guilt whatsoever.
Pointed out the clerk's error - and felt a bit like a sucker.
Pointed out the clerk's error - and felt good about it.
Like I'd be at the supermarket.

Update: Interesting take on the situation.

I made these answers non-viewable so no one would be judged on them. I would like to think I was the kind of person whose respect for my self-image as an honest person would make me immediately point out the error. But it's so very easy to justify not saying anything, particulary since it was not a small business, that I am not sure I would have. The "I would have said something, but felt like a sucker" response really speaks to me. My answer, by the way was, "as if I'd be at the supermarket" - Swaz does the bulk of the grocery shopping in my house - I have no eye for bargains!

But this brings up another debate for another day - how important is it to bring honesty to the smallest parts of your life? Do little things like saving a couple bucks in a dishonest way chip away at your soul? What value is there in living as close to your ideal of yourself as possible? How would you like your children or your neighbors to answer this question?

I also wonder if people with a more sure sense of their own moral fiber would more easily accept the situation with no guilt. Some of the most ethical people I know chose the guilt-free discount option.
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