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The Stations I Love To Hate

Clear Channel threatening advertisers of rival stations?

94.9 Conversation of the evening:

Mom: Turns radio off

Number One Son: Yeah turn it off. (He's sort of protective of his little brothers, slightly worried) Do you think my brothers know what this song means, though? (The radio was going, "I'ma gigolo, spending lot's a dough You can tell the way wide-body, sitting on vogues And how I'm shining, wit the fresh, fresh clothes" ... ugh.)

Number One Son: Hrm, of course, they can't really hear the words...

Brothers (in unison): Yeah, what does it say?

Mom: He is saying he loves his mother very much and buys her flowers every Sunday.

There is this local station that I was going to write a post about. Sometimes, I get in a weird mood where all I really wanna do is listen to fluffy, accessible poppy dance music, like whatever the contemporary version of the Summer Junkies* or Planet Soul is, so I turn it on to 92.7 KPTI** (I think that's supposed to spell "K-party") and then TURN IT OFF RIGHT AWAY because it's just yucky and no fun at all. Not a party. I found that link because I was googling for a website to show my non local people what the station is all about, but they don't even have one. Oh wait.. they do. They have a Blogspot.

*"Don't make me wait another night, tonight I'm gonna love you!" Gah. They don't make songs like that anymore. I love that song. I also heart the original by the Peech Boys.

**Has anyone ever figured out how they stay in business? In the thread I found, it looks like they are going Urban/CHR which won't really be an improvement. But no, really, how can a station be that bad and stick around at all? Uh, don't answer that.

Clear Channel is such a bully.
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