Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

Weekend Update

  • Friday afternoon I finally managed to get a bunch done at work after sort of floundering around for days. I should know by now to take a day off and recuperate after big meetings.
  • Friday night: Made tri-tip,* and Swaz and I had mikebee for supper. You know, I think lots of food and conversation can be just about as fun as fun can get.**
  • Saturday morning: It was beautiful and sunny. We sort of lazed around in the sunny window then picked ourselves up and visited the very outer Richmond where there are 3 bedroom houses at reasonable rents, because we've been considering moving lately. We're just too many for our two bedroom flat. I keep trying to favorably compare our situation to Tokyo or Singapore or Hong Kong, but, uh, we're ENORMOUS ba gwei people and I keep thinking that any moment now our arms will be popping out of the window like in Alice in Wonderland.

  • However, it was damn cold out at Ocean Beach. I wished I'd already bought that camera I need to buy, though. I want to show the kiteboarders and the graffiti and the sea foam being blown across the sandstormy beach, but alas, all I can do is tell you all there were such things. Damn, the kiteboarding looks fun.
  • Saturday evening: Did laundry, got a pedicure, or rather listened to the radio in vibrating massage chair while getting a pedicure, it was all good.
  • Saw one of my favorite films ever, The Women on chanel 9, then Swaz rented The Life of Brian for our our number one son, who proceeded to laugh hysterically.

  • Sunday: Rainy, do nothing kind of day. It was really nice, actually.
  • Sunday afternoon: Saw The Quiditch World Cup The Superbowl Janet's booby. It never occurred to me that it might not have been staged, I thought this was something CBS signed off on,*** so I just stood there with my mouth hanging open at the sheer coarseness of it all. Funny moment: you know when Janet was singing "no this no that no illiteracy, no blah blah?" Swaz goes, "no plagerism" and at that very second, Timberlake came popping out.

    Heh. Anyway, the whole spectacle got me to thinking about puritan societies where there are designated times for sheer debauchery, like Mardi Gras or Beltane festivals. Ten years ago, the half time show we saw would have been done by Madonna, and banned from MTV. However we seemed to have more civil and economic freedoms back then. I wonder if the coarseness, the explicit sexuality we see more of on television these days has less to do with everyone having cable and being more immune to this stuff and more to do with the repressive political environment of post-September 11 America. Hrm...
  • Sunday evening:</a>We had the newly de-vegetarianated amarama for dinner, so I made a nice roasted chicken with a lemon-aioli marinade. It was good! There was much talking and giggling. And beer.
  • Then we wanted to see Breaking Three You Got Served but we missed the 8'oclock, so we saw 21 Grams instead. That was a mistake. A. and I spent the whole second half of the movie going, "Is it going to be over soon? Is it going to be over soon?"

    I didn't get why he shot himself. Wasn't he about to die anyway? What a turd, leaving all that mess for the cleaning ladies.

  • Quote of the weekend, courtesy our 14 year old, delivered in total deadpan: "Everyone wants to live another day. (pause) Except, of course, the suicidal people."

    *I don't know the guy in real life, but every time I think of tri-tip, I think of sarilion, because according to his lj he is some kind of tri-tip master. The tri-tip from Bryan's on California street was marinated in soy sauce and sesame seed oil with scallions. Yum.
    **My new year's resolution is to have more suppers at my house. So far, so good.
    ***I still think that, I just think that they saw that they were about to get flack for it and back peddled.
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