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Lite Rock Less Talk

Is anyone else bugged by that KOIT commercial where the immaculate office lady complains about the "cleaning crew" changing the radio station away from her lite rock?

"I soon fixed that" she fumes, holding up her sticky note of doom:

Please leave this radio set to crap thank you :-(

She rightously concludes that "they can forget to vacuum but don't touch my radio!"

Heaven forbid her radio should be set to janitor music. Of course, since this is California, it's not inconceivable to guess a subtext/backstory here, that she turned on the radio that morning and got blasted with "that mary-ouchy."


When I worked non-profit there was never a janitor. For seven years, I emptied my own trash and did my own vacuuming. We took turns cleaning the staff bathroom. The janitors at my work are welcome to set the radio to whatever they want, I'm grateful to have someone else vacuum.


In other news, I'm loving My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance</a>.
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