Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

Television, Drug of the Nation, Breeding Ignorance and something something something*

I watched the very last few minutes of both The Littlest Groom and Big Fat Obnoxious Finace last night.

Mom: The normal sized girl he's turning down sure has a nice figure.

Son: Yeah she's uhm, (makes universal "hour glass" gesture) and since he's the littlest, his eyes are like right there.

Mom: Yeah, at uhm a convenient level.

Son: Yeah.

Mom: I think we'd all like to be "The Littlest" in that situation. Don't even have to pretend to try to look her in the eye!


I still don't get how we're supposed to believe that the "Big Fat" bride's family was that strapped for cash that she felt like it would be worth it. Mr. Coy looks like he runs a tight fiscal ship. But then again, maybe not. A lot of supposedly patrician families are very overextended. The other thing is... I mean I don't even have any brothers and sisters, so maybe I would never get it. The brothers and sister were so incredibly upset by the wedding plans. They kept talking about how "hurt" they were and how "selfish" the bride was not to consider their feelings in it all. I just kept wondering why were they so all up in her kool aid anyway? What does it matter who she marries? It's not like they would have to fuck live with him. I thought it was just weird. But then again, I was an only child and I never, ever see my relatives. I haven't seen any on my mom's side since the memorial mass, and that was almost three years ago. And on my dad's even longer than that. Hell, I don't even talk to my dad more than two or three times a year.

I should call him.

*I liked the disposable heroes, but their pendantry got old after a while.
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