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My cube is now so gay.

JetteSwan: my cube is looking so gay
JetteSwan: I took down the Valentine's day heart shaped wire garlands
JetteSwan: And the ones I put up now are butterflies and flowers
JetteSwan: in the sickest shades of yellow
JetteSwan: light blue
JetteSwan: pink
JetteSwan: pale green
JetteSwan: lilac
JetteSwan: peach
JetteSwan: etc
rintropy: like the easter bunny vomited?
JetteSwan: exactly
rintropy: word!
rintropy: some sick easter shit, yo.
JetteSwan: i actually meant sick as in
JetteSwan: vomitous
rintropy: vile.
JetteSwan: yes
rintropy: noxious.
JetteSwan: it's stuck in wavy curlicues
JetteSwan: along the top of my cube walls
JetteSwan: like some particularly sadistic razor wire
rintropy: "come, climb on me and be eviscerated most gaily!"
rintropy: you LOVE the spring! tra-la-la, I'm slicing you to ribbons! for my easter basket!
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