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Weekend Update


-Migs and Farina with some favorite friends
-Baker Beach with a new pal
-Rollerskating in the park, listening to Minnie Ripperton
-Watching Fight Club* with Swaz and then punching each other.
-Chatting with the neighbor in the laundrymat.


-Still angsting about our housing situation
-Doing the laundry
-Never got around to doing number three son's homework, teacher called this morning. *flogs self*


-soma+pain+heat= my cranky mood on Saturday night

Since the things in the "good" category are some of my favorite things ever, I'm calling the weekend a "win."

To cap it off, it's still gorgeous outside, and my just boss gave me a real flower lei from her trip to Hawai'i. It's so pretty!

*I had already seen most of it on pay per view in a hotel room the night my mother (who spent a good portion of my childhood in various mental wards) died. Talk about set and setting. Swaz had never seen it before. He was cute - "why didn't anyone tell me it was that good?"

I still can't get the Pixies "Where is my mind?" out of my head.
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