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Weekend Update

  • Visiting mattholland at work and seeing Eternal Sunshine. Some of Joel and Clementine's issues were so familiar that they made want to cry, but in a good way.
  • Administrative Holiday at UCSF. Days off that aren't holidays for everyone else rock. I got so much done.
  • Sale at my favorite boutique on Sacramento Street. They even had things in my size! (Usually they only go up to 6 or 8 there.) I <3 the Theory and Development labels. They seem like similar lines, I wonder if they are related?
  • Getting to spend time with smart, vibrant, fun people.
  • Victory to the TILF!
  • Swimming and skating.
  • Kung fu movies. God, Aunt 13 is a fox, but I think OUTIC 2 is pretty weak compared to the first one.
  • Basketball, I love that basketball. Even though the teams I was pulling for lost, those were some good games.
  • Cuddling with number three son. Everytime he asks for "shnugggles!" I think it might be the last, he's growing so fast. *sniff*
  • Being glowingly happy.
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