Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

Beach Day?

If it isn't too terribly hazy in an hour, I'm heading to Baker Beach, and will get there between two and three. I'm going to be in the family area by that little creek, not by the nasty nakey area.

If you're going the beach today, look for me. I have a cute new bathing suit.

The beach was lovely. I didn't bring my camera because I was afraid of getting it sandy, but it was lovely.

Especially lovely was watching the rangers bust someone for letting his dog go off leash. My heroes!*

Not so lovely was stupidly putting my blanket down between two packs of suburban-bred frat-boy aging-yuppie late-twenties-early-thirties bachelors.**

Every time I heard the words "fucking dope" (which was every two minutes) I wanted to bash someone over the head with the big shovel we bring for sand digging. I maintained, though.

Other than that, it was lovely. *sigh*

*Dogs love the beach, I love to see them run on the beach, but they should go to Ocean beach which is bigger. When the beach gets over run with a million bounding happy dogs it can get out of hand. Plus their owners let them pee on all the sand castles. Ew.

**I guess I should be sad that not one of them hit on me (yes, even with the kids in tow they usually do, I must totally be losing my looks) but I am not!
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