Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

My weekend was restful and uneventful. Here are some pictures of flowers.

The last three look better when I look at them on my own computer.* I swear. Anyway, Charles has give me some advice on picture taking, who else has some? Taking pictures is such a new hobby for me that I don't have any opinions on how I do it. Therefore, you couldn't possibly hurt my feelings about it no matter how hard you say I suck at it, so all constructive criticism would be appreciated by me at this point.**

To all my friends: I'm going to be busy this week, so not so much lj for me. I am going to make some kind of bullet format update of my life week in a couple of days but not now. Likewise, if you want me to read any of your entries message me and link me to it - I will hopefully be much too productive in next couple of days to read my friends list.

*I need to find some good picture hosting, my dsl service gives me some free but I put the rest on photobucket.

**If you know me, and I mean, really know me, you are laughing right now.
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