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Weekend Update

  • Thursday night: Gentleman harryh came for dinner, which was very nice.
  • Friday: finished big annual task at work. You know how there's always a big annual task no matter what field you are in? And then you find out that the tension was the only thing keeping you together for the past six weeks or so and it all comes snapping back at you like a rubber band? Yeah, you know what I am saying.
  • Friday night: So therefore I was exhausted and it was DVD night. First the wholesome and inspiring Whalerider with the kids (I cried) and then like 5 episodes of the Sopranos.
  • Saturday morning: Remember that tension/rubber band thing? Yeah, so I had a migraine all day long this day, since I didn't want to take anymore drugs for it. (Sometimes if you take too many analgesics and pain killers, you just get hangovers and rebound headaches from them on top of your migraine - like a vicious cycle.)
  • Saturday afternoon: Had a lovely hike on Mt. Tam and then went swimming. I left my camera at home (d'oh) so I will post the pictures tomorrow, but the view looked a lot like this.
  • So Saturday night I was too tired to do anything but watch like fifty more episodes of the Sopranos.
  • Sunday: gym and a beach day - yay!
  • Sunday night: too sandy (literally) to do anything but watch DVDs. We finally ran out of the Sopranos, (Season 4 disc 1 is in the queue) so we watched Kill Bill v1 which I thought I was going to hate. Because I live under a rock in regards to movies (who has all that time to sit still in the dark? Not me.) I thought it would be more slasher and less kung fu/cartoony. So I ended up really liking it.
  • Monday morning - woke up headachy and came to the depressing realization that my migraines are probably just caused by that fatal disease called Life. I am calling the doctor for more drugs today.
  • Monday afternoon - went and had a sort of swimming/lunch date with Swaz while the kids were at the park.
  • Monday night - helped number one son with his homework for hours on end. Now I am tired.

    Good morning!
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