Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

The Age of Christ Crucified.

There is a store called "Forever 21" which seems to me, as C.S. Lewis put it, wanting to rush to the silliest part of one's life and stay there. I would never want to be 21 again. On the other hand, on the age project, people have been guessing my age at an average of 33 years (I'm 39). This makes me happy.

I wish you could be forever 33. It is truly the prime of life. Old enough so that people no longer treat you like a baby, even old enough to be past all that mid-late twenties angsting that happens when you realize you're not a baby anymore. You're just secure in yourself at 33 in a way you never were before. But you're still young, your metabolism hasn't totally slowed down, you can pass for 25 if you eat right and take your vitamins and you're still pretty and vital and not past that great social chasm called age 35.

Every age has its advantages, and I am not really complaining about being older than 33 (considering the alternative to not having any subsequent birthdays). But if you are under 33, you should know that you have plenty to look forward to, so I hope this makes you youngbloods feel hopeful and optimistic for the future.
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