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I'm trying to get out of the house...

to wish Miki a happy birthday and sing some ghettoteck karaoke but I feel like a wreck from earlier still and minus is taking me to rare groove school right over the old A-I-M, making me feel all rooted to the spot. So I think I will fall asleep in my imaginary tutu in a minute instead.

minusbaby (9:58:41 PM):
JetteSwan (9:58:54 PM): hahahha
JetteSwan (9:58:56 PM): those are scary
minusbaby (9:59:11 PM): Damn, everyone says that.
minusbaby (9:59:19 PM): Why don't y'all see the b-boy in it?
minusbaby (9:59:22 PM): SHEESH

Now it's time to read a bedtime story... we'll see how I feel when I am done.

update 1:49 a.m. I took a shower and watched the Sopranos instead. I feel a lot better. The funeral I went to was for my old boss that I worked with from 1993-1999 - she was my mentor and my friend, but we hadn't spoken for over four years. She was a person who thrived on stress , coffee and cigarettes. She was a diabetic with high blood pressure and I couldn't take watching her kill herself slowly with her two packs a day and her ten pots of coffee and no real food most of the time. Everyone today talked about how young she was (58) but frankly I was suprised she lasted this long. She was the Executive Director of a non profit substance abuse treatment agency. It was a very hard population to work with, our offices were in the perinatal residential program. I can't really put in to words right now how intense working there was, how close we all were and how fucked up I felt when I left and it seemed like they didn't need me and I was forgetten. I poured my best working years into that agency and at the time always felt like the stepchild in the family of our work. But the things people told me today made me feel that I was appreciated - it was just that no one was going to tell me. I'll write more upon it later ... it's just that I don't know why I thought I wasn't going to feel like crap tonight after going to the funeral today
Oh and that Furio... he's hot.
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