Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

Thursday Night

I had a business trip in Bethesda this Monday and Tuesday so since I was going to the east coast anyway, I decided to take a couple of days before and go to NYC for the weekend. I got in Thursday around ten, minusbaby met me at my hotel and we hit the ground running. Err, walking - and we got hungry so we got Japanese.

These guys were pretty nonchalant about me randomly snapping pictures with them in it.

Dessert was a tiny cup of granulated sugar. I mean make-your-own cotton candy.

Then we walked around and walked around and Richard took some pictures (which he's posted in his own journal) and we went back up and downloaded pictures on his laptop and talked and talked and I fell asleep and he stayed up and took pictures some more. I hadn't met him before in real life, and it was pretty special. You know how if you meet someone that up until then you'd only corresponded with online, and it's not awkard and the conversation flows and they talk exactly the way they do when they are on AIM, how nice that is? But if you can walk and walk and not talk and just hang out and not have to say anything at all and it's just really comfortable, well then, then you know you have always been true friends.

And so that was Thursday night, I'll tell you how the next day I dragged poor Richard to H & M for hours and then he brought me to his home and made me a Bomblette tomorrow. Plus! Pictures of the Grafitti Hall of Fame. But all that comes tomorrow. If I can get some work done first. Time to sort laundry now.
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