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Friday Morning and Afternoon pt. 1

Friday morning I woke up late-ish and I took an hourlong conference call in my underwear while minusbaby took my camera around town. Then I dragged him to H & M. He was a pretty good sport about hanging around while I spent like, oh, three or four hours picking up some brand new socks and drawers (I want it all...and I'm ballin' when I stop and talk to y'all). I'm sorry to do that to him but we don't have H&M out west and they sell the cutest and most comfortable panties on the planet.

Then we walked uptown to where Richard lives, he brought me to the Graffiti Hall of Fame where I obnoxiously took pictures like I was a tourist at a zoo...

Richard teaching me about the technical proficency of this sort of thing.

Stayed tuned for pt.2, in which I eat a Bomblette and take pictures at the park. Also, I will be posting a few things in streetphoto, everyday_people and picturing_food.
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