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Saturday pt. 1.

Friday night I slept like a log for 12 hours straight. Not something I'd ordinarily want to do on vacation, but I guess I needed the rest. When I finally woke up I looked out the window and it was gorgeous:

Rich was supposed to go to Jersey and I was sort of at loose ends before meeting up with fei_hong for dinner (since I slept so long, the day was half over so there was no time for a huge adventure) so I just started walking towards the East River. As a California girl, I get kind of freaked out if I don't see the water or the fog ;-) every day.

I got myself a roast chicken sandwich from a Cuban deli,

And sat down to eat it here.*

The view was amazing.

After I ate, I went and got the best. mani-pedi. ever. With exfoliation and massages.

Refreshed, I attacked my main mission for the day: shoe shopping.

After shopping, I stopped in at an internet cafe and saw minusbaby online. It turned out he didn't go to Jersey after all, so I swooped him up for the evening's activities - to be related in part 2.

*Non-descriptive hyperlink for mattholland's reading pleasure.
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