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Test your knowledge of slang from a bygone day.

I'm too lazy to make a poll right now.

Use the following in a sentence:

1. Shine

2. Scam

3. Sketching

I'm screening comments until 3 pm Pacific.

Update 4:30 p.m.

Yes, oyami, this was serious Cali slang. I should have said that nshgrl, trixiefirecat, and piedpiper were out of the running - since they've been there and said that.

Shine: v. To bail or pass.

From "shine it on" meaning to take a pass on it.

I didn't really want to do that project, so I said, "shine."

Scam: Almost always used in the phrase "scam on." This means to hook up with someone, usually with the express purpose of a fling rather than a long term thing.

I only met Swaz because I was trying to scam on his friend.

I've never heard it said that you would "scam with" anyone - so it was cute that you all figured it out.

Sketch I was thinking of the followin usage, but nshgrl is right, it's also used as a noun to mean a skecthy person.

v. be scared, worried. I think I've only heard it said in the gerund form:

When I worked late last spring, I heard the building ghosts. I was sketching!</b>
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