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Weekday Update

You know, I often make little bulleted lists of how my weekends go* but I never seem to do that for work days.

  • Late-ish for work because you know, I am still in love with my husband and stuff. The -ish is because I have flex time and can basically breeze in whenever (within reason, say anytime before 10 or 10:30) but I want to get in early so I'll have time to leave early enough to go to yoga class.*
  • Stop in at local cafe to get a breakfast sandwich and soy cappucino. They forget my cappucino despite the fact I am standing around staring at them meaningfully until it dawns on them that I'm not just looking at them because they're cute or something. They also, irritatingly, keep the lids and condiments right next to the line, and there's really no room to get at them unless you shove through people. I am so annoyed by this point that I actually stamp my foot with impatience. Sometimes I think I'm not meant to live in "laid back" California.
  • I have a glorious morning walk up to my office.
  • I listen to minusbaby play Bossa Nova on secret internet radio station.
  • I cyber with nshgrl
  • I post to LJ
  • I get some won ton soup from the cafeteria, since it's won ton soup day.
  • I post again
  • I make LJ comments
  • I decide I'm going to go to the evening Hatha Flow class with Deborah, cause she rocks, and therefore have a big dim summy snack and more cappucino from the cafeteria.
  • I actually get some work done.
  • Talk to lechatron
  • More work.
  • Talk to swaz.
  • Talk to smushy
  • More work - moving boxes around the office. I am so strong nowadays.
  • Talk to my baby boy lechatron some more.
  • Leave a bit early, which means on time.
  • Go to Bryan's Meats and get American Kobe burgers.
  • Go home, fry some of them up, make no. 1 son a toasted grilled sandwich on hamburger buns, and feed them to the kids.
  • Swaz goes to the driving range while I go run to yoga.
  • After my great workout, I get home, and shower and then read the two younger children CS Lewis while swaz fries us up the remaining two burgers, and we watch What's up Tiger Lily, drink beer, and laugh our heads off. The burgers are delicious.
  • Reflect on what a huge influence that movie seems to have had on Kill Bill. Decide Wing Fat was HOTT.
  • Brush my teeth and go to bed. :-)
  • It was a good day.
  • And I didn't even have to use my A-K.

*Although I don't seem to do that as much anymore since smushy made a post about how lame it is when people do those list-things.
**I have made a goal to work out or go to yoga class every day until my birthday. I still eat whatever I want, but I've already, after two weeks, lost an inch off my waistline. Unfortunately, I've also lost a half-inch off my butt. :-(
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