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I'm taking requests. This one is for piedpiper

Food Jette Likes

1. Lean meats with vegetables: Sushi, Steak Salad, or broccoli drowned in Annie's Goddess Dressing with some chicken or fish.

2. Girl food: you know, little bits of things like hummus and crackers, sushi snack, dim sum

3. Thanksgiving dinner - the starchies and the glarpies. Stuffing, Yams, etc.

4. Sandwiches, etc.: like a combination of all of the above. I especially like day after Thanksgiving sandwiches and fish tacos (but not together).

5. Crunchy and Salty

6. Soup

7. Cake

9. Creamy or Juicy: Ice Cream, Fruit - together or separate

10. Chocolate

11. Alcohol
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