Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

Scrabble Night

For the first game, Scott played on my team,

with varying results.

but through sheer willpower

Becca and Swaz won the first round, and she quit while she was ahead

Steph called for


and we all noted that incestuousness seemed to be the theme of the evening

but it would seem

that no matter the family resemblences or differences

team work was still the order of the day

team Gameface1 made a valiant effort

and the Slitkits gave them a run for their money

until they lost a valuable player

to the temptations of blanketry

and while they did their very best

Team Gameface1's ringer

said check

and mate as my teammate looked on at me with disgust.

The end.

Starring jette, swaz, amazondyve, scosol, skyvillain, mattholland, wonderponder, r2w, barrymcackiner, mutor, and special guest star juusan.
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