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commonreader will know what I am talking about if no one else does.


It is not the concept of a Gen X* cooking magazine that I am dissing (well, yeah I am), but the continued marketing appeal to young adults at a 1960's hippie-esque anti-establishment level, by forever associating "casual" with "fun" and "formal" with "non-fun." I would hope that at some point twenty-somethings will think that they deserve nice table linens and music and china. It's not about being snotty or elitist, it's about taking time out to make it nice.

*Does everyone get that the original Generation X are now in their forties? God, I hate that expression.

PS The link references Vivaldi when talking about the "image" of gourmet food. I hate Vivaldi. Just so we're clear. I much prefer moderns, such as Saint-Saëns.
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