Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

No, it's NOT going to be us kissing and sending you the pictures, but nice try, guys.

A while back I posted a poll about My Secret Bet with moonchyld1, asking for stakes. I won the bet, but we never picked the pay-off.

Poll #420571 Pay Up Time!

Tina lost the bet. Now she has to...

supply free babysitting on three different occasions!
spend a day wearing candy on her arms up to her elbows and say plur every hour & 1/2
go to a nightclub with jette wearing flippers and water wings and ask 4 men (or women) for their phone numbers, and look dead serious doing it. ***bonus points if she can get one to buy her a drink.
wear a top hat at all times for one week, even while sleeping and showering

Bonus Fun:

Thanks juusan, osby, passageway, and swaz for these suggestions.

See if you can guess who suggested what!
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