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Okay *this* is funny.

If George Lucas Cast Star Wars from Your Friend List, He'd Pick... by athersgeo
Luke Skywalkerjuusan
Han Soloambientfusion
Princess Leiariniishuuma
Wedge Antillesrenjamin
Obi-Wan Kenobithesenorita
Darth Vaderlaserface
Grand Moff Tarkintennille
The Emperortkfour21
Quiz created with MemeGen!

PS This ended day three of a series of on-going travel-related fiasco. I blame San Diego, which calls itself America's Finest City but which is really America's Crappiest Airport. Hopefully later I'll find a way to make it sound funny and not whiny and tell you all about it. I tried to tell Nate who was hanging out in front of wondercon when we happened to be randomly stuck in hellish traffic in front of Moscone Center on the way home from the airport, but it didn't come out right, and he got a weird look on his face and backed away slowly.

I'm home now.

*would kiss ground but it's too dirty*

I actually literally flew over a rainbow today to get back to San Francisco. How apropos. *grin*

And suddenly we're all wearing swim fins and wetsuits around the house. (For reals. I'll tell you later.)
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