Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

Weekend Update/Sunny Day, Sweeping the clouds away.

Saturday we walked across the Golden Gate Bridge and watched the cranes go under on their way to the port of Oakland. In the gallery there are also a couple of a short trip to San Diego I took a couple of weeks ago in that gallery, too. Worst. Business. Trip. Ever. Swaz went to meet me down there to play some golf with his dad and while I was at my meeting. We each had a parallel days of exploding snafus, (as in there was no golf played) followed by the nastiest hotel experience I'd had in a long time, so it was not the rest and romance we envisioned. I was glad to get home.

But back to this past weekend. Saturday night I had delicious food with smushy and her really neat friends in a really neat flat with really neat people and Sunday I went to the beach and swimming. It should have been a great weekend but I ended up 1) tearing up my knee in the water at Baker beach and 2) having a serious melt down when confronted with my lack of material success in life. I cried and cried. But at least I went to the beach. So how bad can it be? At least I wasn't mauled by Curious George.

Thanks smushy for talking me down, I mean up. *drinks another glass of water* ;-)
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