Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
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Hello World, meet Handbasket.

Cookie Monster to get behavioral overhaul. Now Cookie Monster will tell the children that a cookie is a "sometimes food."

I thought, I mean, I really thought, when I was a kid, that the whole point of Cookie Monster was that we all knew we weren't supposed to be one hundred percent pure id all the time. That's why Cookie sometimes got tummy aches. The whole point of Cookie Monster is to NOT model moderation. Apparently today's parents have been telling their children that Cookie Monster is a paragon of nutritional excellence, and that's why children are "too fat" nowadays. 1) as if weight was the one and only indicator of childhood health and 2) as if out of shape children didn't have anything to do with the way families are raised nowadays (without enough recess and free outdoor time) and the reliance on convenience foods common to dual-income parents.
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