Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

Talking bout the weather.

The sky is suddenly dark, it looks like it's about to rain again. I'm flabbergasted because it's almost May.

For those of you not in California, this year was recordbreakingly crazy. I wish I could have gone last month to see Death Valley all lush and wet with trixiefirecat and nshgrl, because that's a kind of a once in a lifetime thing.

Of course, being Californian, the thought on everyone's mind here is "there's sure to be a bad fire season." Even before "oh how pretty."

Update: It is in fact, raining.

I was feeling pretty boring for putting a post about the weather up, but I see other people did it too. :-) I mean, it's just really been nutty. And unfair that we had great weather all week, and now it's raining at five o'clock on Friday evening. Isn't that always the way?
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