Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

I need some new workout clothes/fashion rut, what?

I was all upside down in yoga class today when I realized that not only was I wearing an orange top, and orange pants, but that I had orange hair elastics on my braids, and orange nail polish on my toes.

People must think I am in some kind of cult. Although, maybe I can make it work for me.

Session Start (jetteswan:jonathanbenari): Tue Apr 26 22:01:46 2005
[22:01] jonathanbenari: orange?
[22:03] Jette: I just you know
[22:03] Jette: happen to have a lot of orange clothes
[22:03] Jette: Like, if I see something I like I usually end up getting it in orange
[22:03] Jette: not realizing that EVERYTHING else I've bought in the past two years is orange
[22:03] Jette: and if not orange, fuschia
[22:03] Jette: I dress like a sixty year old Indian lady
[22:04] Jette: but without the sari
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