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So our UPS driver is really hot. I mean muscular, olive-skin-with-a-tan, hazel-eyed, buzzed-hair hot. Oh damn hot. Should be in one of those diet coke ads with all the screeching office ladies chasing him hot. Since I am, you know, happily married, with a hazel-eyed buzz-haired man o' my own, I naturally never remember that until he gets here. Then I am always suprised by the hotness and when he locks eyes with me, I find myself hoping that I look hot too.

So today, after he drops off my wireless router (who wants to help me set it up?) I rush to the mirror.

Do I look hot?

No, I do not.

An apron over a sweatshirt is not a "look,"


there is what looks like a mosquito bite right on the bridge of my nose next to my eye. I am definitely the un-hot side of things today. That look he was giving me was not "ooh desperate housewife" it was "what the fuck is that on her eye."

I just hope it is in fact a mosquito bite and not commonreader's impetigo.


And since it's my anniversary week, I'm going to give a little shout-out to the insitution of marriage. Knowing that I'm able get laid tonight no matter where a mosquito decides to sting me is truly a cornerstone of civilization.
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