Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

Just an observation... one I have noticed for a while.

Sometimes it seems like a certain type of popular person everyone loves - the ones with tons of friends who go on about how smart or creative or kind or interesting they are - don't like me. That despite any overature of friendliness or even complete neutrality on my part - they stiff arm any attempt at my getting to know them, they're not mean or rude, it's not like I'm going around with my feelings hurt, it's just that they just make it clear that they don'

By contrast, the shy, the weird, the high strung, the cranky, the snarky - they all love me like I'm the only one who gets them.

Tee hee.


I had a great weekend. A nicely balanced mix of kids and friends, young and old, long time friendships and new chums, exercise and sloth, anger and resolution, self-reflection and productivity, all under blue skied beautiful San Francisco weather - skating in the park, picnicing at the beach, talking to the wee hours, cooking and laundry, dvds and parties, and deep true love.


PS to any of my friends who might wonder: Don't worry. I am not talking about you! Other people love you and appreciate you as much as I do! :-D
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