Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

I just have to get this poison out of my system.

I hate the hip mama people and their ilk. (If you don't know, google because I'm not going to link.) This is only resentment and sour grapes, since the whole time they were writing self-aggrandizing books and going on speaking tours about how very, very cool it is to be a single welfare mom, I was you know, having babies and working my ass off with welfare moms coming from generations of the institutionalized permanent underclass who actually had real problems.

And never, ever, ever getting a shred of hipster cred or admiration for it. The girls that looked like them, with the lank blonde hair and the cornball cat-eye glasses, would be the ones leading the "community meetings" about things like welfare reform, but not actually, you know, working with the people. Any attempt to get work done at these meetings would be met with haughty harshness around consensus processing.

Of course, if you scratch the surface of their subculture you will find a horrorshow of backstabbing and pettiness. And some seriously poor fashion choices.

I only thought of this because of a flame war I witnessed that happened a few weeks ago that I didn't participate in but that got under my skin somehow. I felt a bit guilty for not stating this publicly, because no one talks to one of my girls the way she did, but let's just say someone should change their user name to Image hosted by Photobucket.combigfatcunt.

If you don't know what I am talking about... it doesn't really matter.
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