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I didn't have to use my AK

Yesterday, despite the headache that kept me from doing everything I wanted, and the tummy that let me know I have been on vicodin for three days straight right before my sushi was served, was a very good day.

The comments and the posts and the text messages and the voice mails and the emails and the ecards and the instant messages I recieved yesterday to wish me a happy birthday made me understand that I have Enough Love. Not enough of love, mind you, but a life full of love.

(Once we picked up our oldest from a birthday party when he was about 4. It was a gymnastics party, so the kids had to sit around and wait a lot of the time for one of the gym staff to assist them on the trapezes and such. When we said it was time to go, he said to us, "but I didn't have enough fun!" I understood exactly what he meant... the irrational fear of my life is to die before having Enough Fun.)

Tonight, Inshallah, I hope to undertake the "going out" part of my birthday here:

I hope I have Enough Fun. ;-)

Something tells me I just might.


Speaking of birthdays, a happy one to melaninjitsu, one of the smarter/interesting reads on my lj friends list. Hope you have a great year.
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