Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

A few pictures/*ooof*


I guess I had fun last night, although for a lot of it I felt like I was waiting for something. Funny how that can strike a person, sometimes, especially at a nightclub. Prefuse bored me, although I guess they did all right. The DJ set after was nice though, and we all danced our little feet off. And there were public displays of affection. I feel a little disquieted today. I blame the jaegermeister/red bulls. Or maybe I should not have gone to a decompression event... due to the someone else's reunion feel, felt a little distant from the events of the evening all night, and all efforts to feel less distant made me end up feeling awkward. Funny, you'd think I'd grow out of that. Maybe some day. *shrug* Sometimes a night out doesn't gel, but any night that involves Mrs. Porter giving me the drew barrymore present is never bad. :-D

In other news, it's a nice day, I think I will go to the beach I took a walk with swaz and we had buritos and beer and cell phone window shopping and giggles about our neighbors ... I am definitely having Enough Fun.


[12:20] minusbaby:
[12:20] minusbaby: hahaa
[12:20] minusbaby: Fuckin' up!
[12:21] minusbaby: ( %7D
[12:22] Jette: hahahhaa
[12:22] Jette: it was a lame night with bits of brilliance
[12:22] Jette: :-D
[12:23] minusbaby: hehe nice
[12:23] Jette: yeah sort of like my life in general!
Tags: weekend
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