Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

those kids today with their crazy music what's a matter with them anyway

Swaz and I had a conversation this morning refuting the anthropologist who declared 35 to be the magical age at which you don't want anything to do with new music anymore. In our experience, the older a certain type of person gets, the more eclectic their taste gets, because there that many more musical experiences to draw on and a multitude of directions in which to take them.

For instance, listen to Jet's (no relation) show on kusf some Friday morning. She's about my age, and totally all over the map.

For myself, I think the older I get the more open I am to music in general, and the more I start enjoying types of music I'd previously dismissed.

There's another kind of person that fixates on one kind of music early in life and stays there. They were always old.
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